About Catdoll

Dear catdoll lovers.

Thanks to all catdoll lovers! Thanks for your suggestions,your questions and your complaint!

You must talked or asked many questions on email to Kitty.You must heard about catdoll and know catdoll products.But you may not know that catdoll is growing on your suggestions,your questions and your compaint.And catdoll will make more improvement on your words in the future.

Catdoll is a new brand name in sex doll world which is created by two girls Kitty and Jolly.We are sisiter who sold wmdoll on aliexpress before.Two years ago,we found more and more factories started to produce copy dolls in bad quality.More and more customers can’t buy the doll they really want.We decided to design our own dolls in year 2016.Rosie is the first doll we made.Her name is get from a customer’s list.We have made about 12 faces with 4 doll bodies now.It’s a very small quantity in Chinese sex doll factories.We only made lolidolls.We are a small doll factory. But we do not make any copy dolls. All dolls are original design.Instead of producing tons of dolls and making more nice photoshop on doll pictures,we prefer to pay more attention to improvements on dolls skeleton, material, makeup and structure.We are not the best doll maker. But we must be the most hard-working.Two monthes for testing on permanent makeup,one month for testing on new material,7days for testing on bending poses,new trying on skeleton design,hard searching on custom laws of different countries and shipping company and so on.Most people thought we just make dolls.We know catdoll is more than a doll to most of you.Most countries have special laws on lolidoll.It’s a risk to even get a lolidoll in your life.That’s why we try to make the doll you really want and make the doll to stay in your life for longer time.

Lolidoll is still legal in China.I’m not sure when our goverment will notice it and make a law on lolidoll.I hope that day will never come.Catdoll will keep making more and more lovely dolls in the future!

Yours sincerely,


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